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A History of the Goddess: From the Ice Age to the Bible

Before the rise of monotheism, the early Hebrews were pagan and God had a wife, Asherah the Israelite mother Goddess. The Bible tells the story of their divorce and we still feel the cultural reverberations today.


The historical Israelites had a full pantheon of gods and dramatic goddesses, temple prostitution, transgendered priests, cannabis burning in King Solomon's temple, and many other pagan traditions that were purged when Jewish monotheism was invented after the exile to Babylon. All of this can be seen in the scriptures. 

Track the history of Goddess worship from the earliest depictions of art in the Ice Age through the Neolithic and Bronze Ages and into the Biblical narrative. Many familiar Bible stories are reinterpreted by showing where the Goddess appears and the Bible is reframed by demonstrating the intimate connections with the mythologies of neighboring cultures.

Read an excerpt below:

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