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Deep Green Libertarian

Climate Change and Clean Energy

It is possible to hit Net-Zero carbon emissions if we can close the loop on the carbon cycle. The Earth's soils and ecosystems are a massive untapped carbon sink that can readily absorb all of our carbon emissions if we begin restoring them rather than systematically destroying them.

Methane is a clean, green fuel that will be the keystone in the arch of a future sustainable energy system. The environmental activist community is wrong to demonize methane and halt infrastructure development. Methane is the best tool we have to reduce (or eliminate) both coal and petroleum to lower carbon emissions and reduce toxic pollution. Methane is a biological gas, it is non-toxic and a part of nature, it feeds the cycle of life. The fuel is wildly abundant and readily renewable and safe for the air, soil, and water. Methane is a feedstock used to make hydrogen, synfuels, and plastics.

We can create a circular system by embracing the Earth's carbon cycle and mimicking nature. We can reduce upstream emissions and pollution by optimizing our energy systems around a hybrid methane-electric model. We can then capture the greenhouse gas emissions in nature by restoring ecosystems and practicing regenerative agriculture and ranching. 


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