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For the historical Hebrews, El was the God of Israel and El had a wife, her name was Asherah and she was the Israelite Mother Goddess. There is a hidden subtext in Bible that tells the story of their divorce and her overthrow at the hands of the young god Yahweh.

Cannabis has been growing in the Ancient Near East forever and it was part of the culture of pagan Israelites. Cannabis is mentioned many times in the Bible but was thrown out of the traditions along with the Goddesses. Cannabis is deeply sacred in the Goddess traditions and was used as incense and holy anointing oil in King Solomon's temple.

This book traces the history of the Feminine Divine from the earliest expressions of art in the Ice Age through the mythology of the Bronze Age. 


In the Bible, we see the divorce and downfall of the Divine Mother in the transition of paganism to monotheism, and we continue to feel the cultural impacts today.

Learn about the pagan Israelites and Asherah the wife of God. See how the goddesses, their priestesses, and all of their traditions were overthrown when Yahweh took power as the monotheistic God of the Bible. 

Did Jesus fake his death?

A Defense of the Swoon Theory

Reimagine the mythology of Jesus, guided by the lost Gnostic gospels and pagan Mystery traditions of dying-and-rising gods.

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