New Mythology for a New Age

In the Bible, God has a wife,
her name is Asherah,
she is the Mother of All Living,
this is the story of her divorce,
exile, and the return of 
the Feminine Divine.

Astarte/Ishtar is the Queen of Heaven,
the brightest star,
most beloved of all,
warrior, harlot, virgin,
fierce, independent, and ambitious,
she leads kings to victory in war
and rewards the righteous with
beauty, pleasure, and fertile abundance.

Anat brings death,
she is terrifying,
she is unstoppable,
she bathes in blood,
and she loves it,
someday she will
devour the universe
so that it may be reborn.

These are Biblical characters,
but these are not the stories 
taught in Sunday school.


- Help Wanted -

For an Art and Storytelling Project


Help tell wild mythological stories
of the bad-ass Lost Goddesses of Israel
who were once rejected
and are now rediscovered.

Women used to have independence and authority
before it was taken away by patriarchal warrior kings.

Let's bring back the feminine divine
by telling new stories,
or old stories in new ways.  

Explore the scholarship in the book:
"A History of the Goddess:
from the Ice Age to the Bible"


- Project Goals -

Currently seeking illustrations
to mint as NFTs.

Looking to develop 
commercial graphic novels
and animated films.

Are you interested?
Contact lostgoddess.io

*Graphic Novels*
*Animated Films*
*Short Stories*


- Investors & Producers -

This is an open-source franchise
as big as Star Wars or Game of Thrones,
with bold characters and evocative landscapes,
all based on mythology and history.

No one owns these characters,
anyone can tell these stories,
they belong to us all.

Let's create a vibrant storytelling community
where commercial productions
co-exist with crowd-sourced fan art.

Let's use Crypto, NFTs, and Smart-Contracts
to pioneer a new model for digital publishing
that rewards creators with ongoing royalties.


- Podcast -

Help Wanted:

I have loads of material for a podcast, but I don't 
have the bandwidth to do all the editing myself. 
Anyone who wants to team up on a
professional quality podcast, please reach out.

We can tell stories and explore the cross-over
between mythology, the Bible, archaeology, and scholarship. We can discuss philosophy, religion, and history, and how we are still living through history today.